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Features of the Moodle Oneduc Reports Plugin

  • Plugin Features:

The best plugin for report moodle, classify, filter with dynamic graphics. Try it for free!

Moodle Plugins 100% customizable to all LMS Moodle platforms, it does not require coding knowledge to install, it is installed as an additional complement taking all the income statistics.  

The plugin Allows

  • Registration in calendar with start and end date                                                   
  • Reports of User Log
  • Dynamic charts according to total income,  daily income
  • Classification according to age
  • Classification by gender Income percentages, income trends, and total records     

Reports of User


Moodle all versions.


Login to your Moodle site as administrator and go to Administration> Site administration> Plugins> Install plugins. Upload the ZIP file, select the appropriate plugin type, accept the acceptance box, then choose the button to ‘Install a plugin from a ZIP file’.


Plugin Reports for Moodle 



The license allows unlimited use of the plugin without an end date. 

Compatible with all versions*


Our solutions represent a large number of professional and quality customizations and add-ons focused primarily on data analysis and statistics in real time. Dynamic statistics with the calendar income records of all Moodle user roles. Log Pro Oneduc Statistics is a professional plugin that helps to obtain advanced statistics according to income to Moodle.